Student Groups

As part of its mission to serve the University of Chicago community, the Office of Event Services offers discounted rates and special services for student group.

RSOs.Price Matrix-FY17-18.pdf

Making a reservation

To reserve space in Ida Noyes Hall follow our 4-step reservation process below:

  1. Browse our Event Spaces
  2. Browse our Event Services and Room Setups
  3. Request an event space using our new online Space Request Form*
  4. Wait for your confirmation and Guidelines and Contract.pdf from our scheduling office. (Please allow 3 business days for your request to be processed)

*Student Groups can also check space availability and make reservations directly using our Virtual Scheduler System. However, for larger events, high-profile events, or events requiring multiple spaces, we ask that you please use the Space Request Form system.

Room Lottery

For student groups that wish to schedule regular meetings in one of our event spaces may enter the quarterly room lottery. The room lottery assigns event spaces for use by student groups throughout the upcoming quarter. Room Lottery Forms for the following quarter are available and must be submitted during 8th week of the current quarter. For more information, please visit our Room Lottery page.